The Monday Reminder (XI)

The Monday Reminder (XI)

Dec 06, 2021




  • This is the first week of month if you're a PRO Stadia member and didn't claim the games go for them!

  • Finally, after months of waiting, Chorus hit the Stadia Store! If you didn't bought the game you can't call you a space-opera-ships-goer!

  • Just learned that Legend of Keepers developers, Goblinz Studios, is not planning to launch the free update and DLC on Stadia! Damm it is a really good game on PRO!

  • Remember! You have a few hours left to play, for free, Rainbow Six Siege on Stadia!... Even if you're not a PRO member! Also the game is discounted for PRO members and for all users!

  • Interesting new feature for the Stadia CCU users. It looks like Stadia is working to implement the option to buy games/content direct on the CCU! Good news for the ones that don't want to see some information on screen and after reading that a note telling them that they have to go to the Stadia Store on mobile or web!

  • Today the people at Handy Games says that are going to make some announcement for the Stadia people... And no, it doesn't seems is his new game Scarf.

  • Paratope, developers for Sky Climbers, are going to use the Stadia feature Channels, to launch his alpha release on the platform.

  • In two days a new game 9 to 5 appears on the Stadia Store, are you prepared for combat?

  • Two new games are making his way to Stadia: The first one is The Jackbox Party Pack 7, coming as soon as tomorrow. The other one is Dynasty Warriors 9 Empires, without a date (but I read somewhere that a demo of the game will be avaliable first)

That's All Folks!...

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