The Monday Reminder (IV)

The Monday Reminder (IV)

Oct 18, 2021


There weren't any stream past week. Why? Because I want to make streams more fluent so, following the questions I asked past weekend here's an schedule of what I'm going to stream this week with days and hours! The hours is UTC time so keep in mind!

And for the mic on streams... At this moment no, because there's still people making some reforms at home!

Meanwhile... Just see Merek's Market.


  • Tons of deals on the Store until 27-10, have you seen it?

  • Ben 10 is the new game on the Store from Outright Games, they're competing with Ubisoft to see wich one has more games on Stadia. Will be new on 21-October we have to wait a little!

  • Looks like 2K games, besides not be supporting the platform, is promoting a new free play days for Borderlands 3, go and play until today at 18:00 CET, and they put some games on discounts.

  • The people at IO Interactive are celebrating that Hitman is doing a lot of money and the games on the Store are discounted as hell.

  • The Direct Touch functionality has rolled out for iOS users and the people at Broken Arms Games will "explore" the addition of this function to Hundred Days. And I say hell yes! Is a good add-on for this game!

  • If you want to plan some robbery it will be more easy practicing with Heist Simulator. The game is coming to early access to Stadia, if all goes as we heard, tomorrow!

That's All Folks!...

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