What are you going to commit to today?

What are you going to commit to today?

Sep 16, 2021

Asking good questions is what you would expect from a Life Coach and a Police Officer. We do that so that we can find out the answers to things and decide what to do next. Seems sensible and it works.

Humans are lazy as a general rule. We like to be efficient to free time and energy up. If you are doubting this, just look at your phone which isn't really a phone anymore. If you rated your use of different apps on your phone, I wonder where talking on the phone actually ranks. Way down the list for me. I wonder what we will call this device in 5 years time?

It's good in many ways that we are lazy. It drives efficiency. However, sometimes we are too lazy to be efficient. Some people procrastinate, some dither, some go off in tangents, some people decide to go down a path that they think will help and when they get there it wasn't actually what they wanted.

I am lazy. Yeah I get enthused and have passions and drive forward with lots of things however I am and always have been, settled enough to allow myself to be lazy. The work always got done, always. Just not by me directly. I like to mask it under being efficient and effective. And it is. You being with me on this journey here is an efficient and effective way for you to learn how to live better lives and to help those you love and manage.

So, the most efficient way to achieve, is to ask yourself good questions that elicit good answers. Once you have those answers you can make a decision what to do about the answer. (See Blue Zone / Red Zone post).

To start you off with this, the first question I would like you to ask yourself each morning is "What am I going to commit to today?". Ask yourself that question right now, whatever the time is. Settle on one thing. It is not a to do list. It carries no judgement.

"Today I am going to commit to writing this post".

Yesterday I committed to "go with the flow and observe, don't interfere", which I did in the main. (golf)

It's not about the outcome, it's about setting the positive intent, and moving forward no matter how slowly. Once it becomes a habit to ask yourself this question you will move forward quickly.

What other good questions could you ask yourself? Give me your offerings here.

Have an awesome and efficient day.


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