Tiny Changes - Remarkable Results

Tiny Changes - Remarkable Results

Aug 27, 2021

Welcome to my site. I will be posting at least weekly on various aspect of life mindset, thinking and behaviours that will let you have more control over you life and your relationships with others at home, work and play. It is amazing that you will pick up on something I say or write and it will make a huge change in one or more aspects. And what if there were many occasions like this - "why don't I already know about this?"

Supporting me will allow you to receive emails containing information on subjects that you can use.

The £2 per month Silver membership allows you access to my Mindset and Lifestyle Management course and Zoom sessions and also access to forms to do some work on yourself or others.

Zooms will be provide live life coaching sessions on various subjects for around 30 minutes on various subjects and also involve mindfulness, NLP, Reiki, Hypnotherapy and other things to relax and provide some fixes. You don't have to have your camera on for most of it and you can use a false name when logging into Zoom, if that was a worry. I will also record the sessions. 😊

The £5 per month Gold membership brings all that, plus a 10% discount off 1:1 sessions and

10% of all membership & Coffee goes to Ponies Help Children, and HOPE for Autism in North Lanarkshire, both of whom I have worked with in the past.

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