Confidence Group Hypno Session

Confidence Group Hypno Session

Jun 29, 2022

Thank you to everyone who made it along to the session. It was great to do it for you.

I intend to do more however with a small fee involved as it is a business and I am confident that it is worth 5 x the cost to you.

My next one is going to be on Weight Loss & Body Confidence, time and date to be decided, but soon.

Try this from a confidence session I did recently:

Pick one awesome thing that you could only do if you were feeling highly confident. For instance, if you’re single, imagine approaching someone you’re really attracted to and confidently asking them out.

While you do this visualisation, imagine a feeling of extreme confidence. Feel that confident energy. Now observe this self-image. How would you be standing? How would you be acting? What would you be saying? And so on.

Every time you feel that confident sensation come over you, I want you to smile. Being confident is a lovely feeling.

Essentially, visualise what you’re doing vividly. Make the picture come to life in your mind.

Naturally, while you’re doing the visualisation this your mind will produce some negative thoughts. Actually, this isn’t a bad thing. Basically, your mind is showing you obstacles in your way to confidence. We now want to remove those obstacles.

All you need to do is label your thoughts and feelings.

For instance, if you think, “I can’t feel confident asking someone out because I’m not good looking enough”, step aside from the thought. Mindfully observe the thought. Now label it, saying to yourself, “This is just a thought”. Do this with all negative thoughts and feelings.

Research shows that this reduces the effect that negative thoughts have on us. This means that while you are visualising your confident self, you are also reducing the effects of negative thoughts and feelings.

Do this in silence for a few minutes.

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