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Feb 19, 2022

Hello and welcome to my page where I am going to be hosting my golf mindset and performance coaching in 2022.

This is where I host all my knowledge about Golf Mindset & Performance.  You don’t have to interact, you can just be present and take in the information and use it on the practice area and on the course yourself. 

All posts and Videos will be stored for you to read and listen to at your own pace.  And you have access to me to ask any questions.

·       Twice Weekly

o   Golf specific Mental Performance emails

·       Weekly

o   Mindfulness Session and discussion about the posts I have made that week

·       Monthly

o   Exclusive Videos on Mental Performance

o   Q&A Session – Live Zoom

o   Mindfulness & Mind Body Connect - Zoom sessions

·       Plus

o   Access to anything I have posted before you join

I will also be posting links to Zoom sessions that I hope to do each Sunday at 6.30pm and you are all invited to that.

I have created this at a very low cost to you as I want as many people as I can to benefit however if you feel it has especially helped please know that you can by me a beer here too.

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