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Visualising "Trickier Shots"

Visualising "Trickier Shots"

Mar 29, 2022

When we visualise properly, we do so as if the shot is perfect. So how do we adapt for when we are in situations, in live situations, we have not planned for visually?

What we don't do is adapt our pre-game visualising to put ourselves in a bunker say, as a result of a shot we have played, as this tells the brain that it an option to play to there. That does not fit with our best plan.

What we can do is consciously decide on what shots we may have to play that fit under the "trickier" shot, and visually create the scenario.

So I invite you to visualise that you are playing your best golf, and now, whilst near that area, throw 3 balls into the bunker and visualise your process, swing, shot and great outcome. Do the same with the rough. Do the same in other hazards or conditions.

As long as we create the scenario as a practice rather than an outcome of a shot, the mind will be unaffected and allow us to get the best from this visualisation practice.

Be creative, put the ball in all conditions that may occur on the course, specifically if you know the course or the type of good.

When done, then on the course when the ball is in a trickier scenario, we can remain focussed on the task ahead instead of potentially reacting badly to it, because we know we can successfully complete the shot, because we have visualised it.

As always, try it out and experience the benefits and adapt.


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