Yanggu County "will respond strongly to ...

Yanggu County "will respond strongly to the resolution of the city-gun athletic presidents

Sep 14, 2023

Council resolves to "boycott foundation-run municipal tournaments" at latest meeting

"Collective action will be taken" against Yanggu County run by the Sports Foundation

Yanggu County Government

Yanggu County, Gangwon Province, recently announced on the 11th that it will take a hardline response to a proposal by the Council of Sports Presidents of Municipalities to penalize local governments that have established sports foundations.

The council recently held a meeting in Yeongwol and announced, 스포츠토토 "We strongly regret the establishment of sports foundations by local governments that cause the regression of Korean sports," and "We resolve to boycott competitions held in municipalities that have established sports foundations."

"Establishing a foundation and having the head of the organization serve as the chairman of the board of directors defeats the purpose of introducing a civic sports association that separates politics and sports, and reverts to a governing system."

If the resolution goes into effect, it will directly affect Yanggu County, which established a foundation last year to promote sports marketing.

The city of Taebaek, which is also aiming to establish a foundation next year, will also be targeted.

In response, Yanggu County has decided to actively oppose the council's resolution and urgently prepare countermeasures to minimize the damage to the local economy. 토토

Aerial view of Yanggu Sports Town

First, we plan to meet with the chairman of the provincial Sports Council as soon as possible to convey local opinions, seek the understanding and cooperation of the Sports Council, and strongly express the unfairness of the council's resolution.

In addition, the group is considering the legality of the council's act of passing the agenda at a meeting instead of a formal meeting, and if it does not withdraw the agenda, it is also considering the possibility of taking collective action in cooperation with Yanggu community organizations.

Yanggu County is of the opinion that the conflict between Taebaek City and the city's Sports Association has been ignited.

While Taebaek is facing problems because the city wants to take over the sports marketing that the sports federation was in charge of, Yanggu maintains that it has a cooperative relationship with the sports federation, with the foundation running the work that the county has been doing.

"Sports marketing is a key business to escape the crisis of population decline and regional disappearance," said Kim Young-mi, secretary general of the Yanggu County Sports Foundation. "The foundation plays a central role in promoting consumption in the region, increasing the promotion and sales of agricultural specialties, and enhancing the city's brand value."

"The council should retract and apologize for its short-sighted response, recognizing that it will cause untold harm to local residents, undermine athletes' performance, and potentially hinder athletes who are on the cusp of moving on to higher education." 스포츠토토링크

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