Jang Jaejoong-Choi Man-ho, LG's Korean S ...

Jang Jaejoong-Choi Man-ho, LG's Korean Series teammates 21 years before LG's win

Nov 09, 2023

Choi Man-ho, KT third base coach

None of the 40 members of the LG Twins roster (including managers, coaches, and players) who are attempting to regain the top spot after 29 years in the Korean Baseball Organization's Korean Series (KS-7), which begins on Sunday, played in LG's last Korean Series, the 2002 fall baseball season.

Catcher Jang Jae-jung and outfielder Choi Man-ho, who were on LG's 2002 Korean Series roster, are the leaders of the KT Wiz, the team that will face LG in the Korean Series.

Battery coach Jang Jae-joong and outfield coach Choi Man-ho, who played in LG's Korean Series victory 21 years ago, have the bittersweet task of preventing LG from winning the title this time around.

"Back then, LG coach Jo In-sung wore the starting mask in the short game, and I was in the bullpen to get the pitchers' balls and check on their condition," Jang recalled during a meeting at Jamsil Stadium in Seoul ahead of Game 1 of the Korean Series.

"I remember working really hard as a catcher, pinch-hitter, and so on," says Choi. "LG finished fourth that year, and we played a lot of games, including the semifinals, playoffs, and Korean Series, which was hard, but we were young and had fun playing big games."

LG's 2002 Korean Series team

LG ran an emotional race, but was swept in Game 6 of the Korean Series by two home runs from the Samsung Lions' Lee Seung-yeop and Ma Hae-young.

It would take 21 years for the team to return to the Korean Series.

Whether you're an LG player, fan, or member of the organization, you desperately want a third championship in 29 years, since 1994.

Winning a championship doesn't happen by praying for it. It doesn't just happen that the heavens favor a championship team.

"KT has accomplished its primary goal of coming from last place and reaching the Korean Series, and while they will have fun and face LG, LG will feel a lot of pressure to win," Jang and Choi said, adding that the pressure that has been weighing on LG will be the biggest factor in their success.

"Our team knows LG well and has prepared well, so I think we have a good chance to win our second title since 2021," he added, predicting a tightly contested matchup throughout the Korean Series. 스포츠토토맨

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