Jul 22, 2022

The topic this week has been Meditation and the benefits!

Overall meditation is what ever you want it to be. It is highly documented that its awesome for not only your overall health, but your state of mind. It can help a great deal with things like lowering blood pressure and heart rate, minimizing headaches, its been know to have some amazing side effects thats for sure!!

Some view it as a woo woo kind of thing, and that it came from Chinese or Tibetan cultures. But there is so much more to it than that. Archeology has found proof of ancient meditation in hieroglyphics thousands of years ago. So you see its been around the world over, and almost since the beginning of time. Perhaps we just perfected it!!!

Currently many use meditation to tap into their consciousness to expand their awareness. What I mean by that is just gaining control of the mind. We tap in regularly to the stress, the to-do-lists and the chaos that our current lives have accepted as normal. Meditation is a way to keep some of that at bay, And to connect with the source of peace in our lives. God, the Universe, Source, whatever you call it did not intend for us to live this lifestyle of hurry and stress, and fear.

Have an amazing DAY! ( Photo taken in 2021 just outside of Clearwater)

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