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Sky music nightly

Sky music nightly

May 22, 2021

i'm going to publish Sky Music Nightly, a refined, completely offline, version of sky music.

It was meant as a way to address the issues that sky music had, especially code wise, this app is completely rewritten from scratch, there are no accounts, i'm using github pages (like the skymusic.github.io) so load time and uptime should be better.

This is still a sort of "beta" so if you find any issues, report them to me.


-3 instruments composer

-better performance

-better practice

-easier to use UI

-brand new format (this new format wont be compatible for the old sky music, but sky music sheets can be imported)

-breakpoints in the composer, where you can quickly jump to sections

-(this is for me) easier to work with the code and to add new features

▶️ https://specy.github.io/skyMusic ▶️

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