How to order in Spanish

How to order in Spanish

Feb 20, 2022

How to order food in Spanish

Today we are going to learn how to order food in Spanish at a restaurant and therefore how to politely ask something. Moreover, if you would like to hear an explanation with lots of examples, here you have the free audio: ORDERING AT A RESTAURANT

First of all, here you have some useful vocabulary:

breakfast: el desayuno / lunch: la comida (Spain), el almuerzo (Latin America)

dinner: la cena / to bring: traer

bread: el pan / to give: dar

cheese: el queso / to order: pedir

red wine: el vino tinto / to pay: pagar

white wine: el vino blanco / tip: la propina

ham: jamón / tablecloth: el mantel

eggs: huevos / expensive: caro

first course: el primer plato / cheap: barato

second course: el segundo plato / tasteful: rico, sabroso

dessert: el postre / check: la cuenta

Practical sentences to order food in Spanish

Secondly, let us see some sentences you can use at a restaurant. To learn all these words, the best thing to do is to practice them, to use them in a conversation.

Good afternoon! ¡Buenas tardes!

How are you doing today? ¿Cómo está usted / están ustedes hoy?

How can I help you? ¿Cómo puedo ayudarle / ayudarles?

We would like to have a table for four. Nos gustaría tener una mesa para cuatro.

Can I have the menu, please? ¿Me puede dar / traer el menú?

Would you like to order? ¿Le gustaría pedir?

Yes, please, I would like to order some red wine and a bottle of water. Sí, por favor, querría vino tinto y una botella de agua, por favor.

What would you like to order first, for the first course? ¿Qué le gutaría pedir de primero?

For the first course, I would like to have paella. De primero, quiero la paella, por favor.

And, for the second course? Y, ¿de segundo?

For the second course, I would like fish, trout, and my friend here would like a steak. De segundo, me gustaría comer pescado, trucha, y mi amigo aquí (que no puede hablar, no sabe español), a él le gustaría un filete de carne.

Very well, I will bring it right away. Muy bien, lo / los traigo ahora mismo.

How to order food in Spanish: useful questions and answers

Would you like to have some bread? ¿Quieren pan?

Yes, please, bring us some bread. Sí, por favor, traiga pan.

Is everything OK? Do you like the food? ¿Está todo bien? ¿Les gusta la comida?

It tastes very well, thank you very much. Está muy rica, muchas gracias.

Can I have the check, please? ¿Me trae la cuenta, por favor?

Of course! Would you like some coffee? Por supuesto. ¿Quiere/n café?

How much does it cost here? ¿Cuánto cuesta la comida / el almuerzo aquí?

How to order: A practical exercise

And now we are going to do an exercise to practice some sentences related to how to order at a restaurant in Spanish. Can you translate the following sentences from English into Spanish?

  1. We have reserved a table for five people.

    • Would you like a table near the window?

    • The food is excellent, thank you for asking.

    • For dessert, I would like to order the cheesecake, please.

    • Are you paying together or separate?

    • The tip is not included.

Correct answers

If you would like to find out more about materials to learn Spanish, here is the link to my website: SPANISHWITHPEDRO

Finally, you can read here the correct answers to our translation exercise:

  1. Hemos reservado una mesa para cinco (personas).

    • ¿Les gustaría sentarse en una mesa cerca de la ventana?

    • La comida es excelente, gracias por preguntar.

    • De postre, me gustaría pedir la tarta de queso, por favor.

    • ¿Van a pagar todo junto o cada uno separado?

    • La propina no está incluida.

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