Spanish Advent Calendar

Spanish Advent Calendar

Nov 23, 2022

It's already looking a lot like Christmas out there. Supermarkets have started selling turrón and other Christmas treats. Shops are decorated for Christmas. Christmas lights are being put up on the streets...

I was shocked when I saw the first signs of Christmas popping up everywhere a few weeks ago.

Too early, I thought.

But then, instead of resisting, I decided to embrace it.
'If you can't beat them, join them'. Is that not what they say?

So I came up with a very cool idea (if I may say so myself 😅):


Like a regular advent calendar, where you get a little surprise everyday.
Just not chocolate, sorry.
Actually... it's something better.
Something that lasts forever and doesn't make you put on weight.

25 Spanish lessons.
Delivered daily to your inbox. 
From December 1 until Christmas day. 

A variety of topics and activities to keep you motivated and help you achieve that goal of practicing Spanish every day.

Suitable for beginners and more experienced learners too.

Treat yourself this Christmas and be rewarded with a better Camino next time.

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