Confident Camino Conversations

Confident Camino Conversations

Oct 03, 2021

I've been learning Italian for a few months now.

Things are going well, in general.

But there's one area where I'm struggling: speaking. I do repeat words and sentences I hear. And I even have whole conversations... in my own head. In fact, I'm pretty fluent in my head.

The problem comes when I try to have a conversation with an Italian person. A real one. Not one in my head.

Last Tuesday I joined an Italian event on Zoom. For learners. A chance to practice. I had done this several times before and I thought I was getting better at speaking. But then I stopped (too busy, holidays...).

So, I hadn't spoken Italian to a real person in weeks. And every time I opened my mouth, my mind went blank and I started babbling. It was so frustrating! After the session, I felt like I should apologise to the Italian language for treating it so badly 😅

Moral of the story? I need to speak more. To real people. Not to myself, in my head.

Do you have the same problem with your Spanish?

Then I suggest you have a look at Confident Camino Conversations, a 6-week conversation course where you can practice the most common interactions you'll have on the Camino.

More info and registration:

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