Apr 09, 2021

Hello and welcome!

First of all, thank you for using your time to come here. You'll probably be wondering why I made this account, or maybe you simply came upon it. In any way, I made it to receive your support if you like my work.

Most of my novels are free and I don't plan to change that soon. However, I still want to sell them in physical and digital formats. This can sound dumb. Who would buy something that's free? I'm aware of that, but I'm also aware that, if people enjoy my stories enough, they'll want to support me so I can create more. Not only that but having multiple formats makes it easier for people to read them the way they want.

This is my main source of income right now. As you might guess, I'm nowhere near selling big numbers. I'm not a known author and having my novels available for free doesn't help. That doesn't matter too much for me, I still want to create many more stories, including novels and many other things. Sadly, I can't live out of nothing forever.

Donations will make it possible for me to create even more than now, meaning you'll see more of my works. Maybe you can't support me with money, but I'm already very thankful if you share my works.

You might want something in return, so becoming a Patron might sound better for you.

Please consider supporting me in any way! I have many things planned for the future which you'll hear about soon and having this extra push will make them easier to accomplish! 😊

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