Turkish Super League GW #2 Reviews:

Turkish Super League GW #2 Reviews:

Aug 18, 2022

Trabzonspor 1 - 0 Hatayspor:
It wasn’t the most comfortable match ever but Trabzon remainder calm to find the opening for a narrow win. The quality difference between the sides were pronounced but it took 70 minutes for Trabzon to break with a wonderful long-range effort from Ömür. Anyway, Trabzon would prefer dropping points instead of losing their star Edin Visca to a nasty broken arm.
Top Sorare Scorer: Abdülkadir Ömür (73.1 pts)
Personal POTM: Anastosis Bakasetas

Kayserispor 1 - 0 İstanbulspor:
This is a relegation battle as early as it gets. Istanbulspor controlled the game much more than expected, but it is mainly due to the early goal from Kayserispor. İstanbulspor didn’t create enough which looks like something becoming a pattern. They are yet to score in 2 games.
Top Sorare Scorer: Majid Hosseini (98.8 pts)
Personal POTM: Majid Hosseini

Adana Demirspor 3 - 0 Sivasspor:
Adana Demirspor are enjoying their start to the season. It was one of the most single-sided matches of the week as Adana Demir completely demolished Sivasspor. Things are not looking good for Sivasspor and fans are finding it hard to find any reason to be optimistic.
Top Sorare Scorer: David Akintola (89.6 pts)
Personal POTM: Papa Badou N’Diaye

Galatasaray 0 - 1 Giresunspor:
High-reputation star transfers, starting the season with a win in a though fixtures, jammed stands and playing one of the lesser teams in the league; things couldn’t get better for Gala. And, oh my word, it certainly didn’t. A rookie mistake from Bardakçı gave Giresunspor the prize they so calmly and composedly waited for.
Top Sorare Scorer: Alexis Perez (71.2 pts)
Personal POTM: Hamidou Traore

Gaziantep FK 1 - 0 Ankaragücü:
Don’t be fooled by the score-line, it was actually one of the more entertaining matches. Both teams approached the game with an offensive mindset and could have (honestly, should have) scored more. A single point in two matches for the newly promoted Ankara team, their coach Dalcı is already under-pressure even though the play is encouraging.
Top Sorare Scorer: Alexandru Maxim (93.2 pts)
Personal POTM: Alexandru Maxim

Ümraniyespor 0 - 1 Antalyaspor:
Ümraniyespor proved they are no walk-overs with their game against Fenerbahçe, so this wasn’t an easy game for the favorites Antalyaspor. Antalyaspor’s defeatless streak with Nuri Şahin may have been over but their fine form remain.
Top Sorare Scorer: Bünyamin Balcı (80.2 pts)
Personal POTM: Bünyamin Balcı

Alanyaspor 3 - 3 Beşiktaş:
By far the most eventful match of the week, it was a match to remember. After going 3-0 up within half an hour, Beşiktaş failed to keep their lead while being reduced to 10 men. Beşiktaş manager Ismael is facing a lot of criticism for removing all the goal scorers in half-time for some more defenders.
Top Sorare Scorer: Salih Uçan (81.5 pts)
Personal POTM: Salih Uçan

Konyaspor 0 - 0 Başakşehir:
After being shockingly eliminated by Vaduz from the Conference League, it felt like back to basics for Konyaspor. Palut relied mostly on last year’s squad while the team reminded more the start of last season and unlike the more assertive, possession-oriented team from the end of the season. Must admit, I’ve been unpleasantly surprised by the striker choice of both sides.
Top Sorare Scorer: Leo Duarte (74.1 pts)
Personal POTM: Amir Hadziahmetovic

Kasımpaşa 0 - 6 Fenerbahçe:
All the signs were there in the first match, but somehow Kasımpaşa chose to ignore them to succumb to their inevitable destruction. I’ve never seen such terrible defensive play, not even in the lower leagues. Insisting on playing technical Kara behind two number 10s and having one of the worst defensive pairing, Kasımpaşa didn’t even stand a chance. Fenerbahçe were excellent at times, but we shouldn’t read too much into a match that was over from the get-go. Kasımpaşa parted ways with Sami Uğurlu after such a historic defeat.
Top Sorare Scorer: Joshua King (96.5 pts)
Personal POTM: Ferdi Kadıoğlu

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