Please Support Our Show

Please Support Our Show

Jan 30, 2022

The Sober Friends Podcast is self supporting through our own donations.  We have chosen not to have sponsors as our primary purpose is to help the person sick and suffering.

It's just the three of us here and I do the recording, editing and production alone.  The work done to put on a podcast can take around 10 hours a week.

To put out a quality podcast, it requires money for hosting, remote recording, website, equipment, ect.  It adds up.  We are happy to shoulder the cost to get the message out. 

If you enjoy the content and find it helpful, the best thing you can do to support the show is to spread the and get this message in front of more people who could use the help.

We created this Buy Me a Coffee page for anyone who would like to buy me a Starbucks to say thanks. 

When you buy us a coffee, you are our sponsor and we will give you a shout out at the beginning of each show.

Thank you again.  We are shouting into the wind without you.

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