Possibly the last call-outs of the seaso ...

Possibly the last call-outs of the season

Jul 11, 2022

Well it's getting cooler and that means the end of the snake catching season is drawing to an end.
We've had a pretty busy season and to explore the more creative side of video editing, we've changed up the editing and format of our catch and release videos.
They're no longer going to be recorded in portrait, but in landscape as this will suit many more devices. We're also looking to create a snake catching youtube show. The new season of snake catching will prompt the start of the show, which we are aiming to make it more cinematic, entertaining and educational.

But until then, here is the latest episode of the 2021-22 snake catching season where we catch and relocate 2 Diamond Pythons and an Eastern Small-Eyed Snake.
I hope you enjoy the video and new editing format.
Stay safe but have fun.

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