Lets create more gaming content...

Lets create more gaming content...

Oct 28, 2023

Ever since I made this server I only had one goal in mind:

"To create unique experience for players who will play in any of my community"

It didn't matter to me if anyone would join.

What mattered to me was to start.

I had little expectations,

I thought there will only be a couple of people who will play.

But I'm glad I was wrong.

Because most of you who are playing here today,

Are collectively giving me the inspiration to continue.

I feel like as if this is what I'm meant to do,

Even if I have a real life job that takes my entire day,

I still find and create time for this because its my passion.

From hereafter,

I always keep myself grounded on the thought that I had when I made my start,

Innately, I am reminded to always continue.

Because if I don't, it would be hard for me to express my passion.

Thank you for reading this small post that I did.

To your amusement,

Lets make more gaming content!

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