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Why am I on Buy Me a Coffee?

Why am I on Buy Me a Coffee?

Apr 10, 2021

Well, for starters, I like beer and I'd love to drink a beer in your honor.

But on a more serious note, I like the way this site functions. It's like a virtual tip jar and has some options that Patreon doesn't. Here's a description I copied that should help shed some light on the differences.

"Buy Me A Coffee is a site similar to Patreon. Creators have the option to have one time donations or recurring memberships, or a (digital) shop as well. They don’t hold your balance, and there is no minimum threshold.

Here, you can accept support, memberships, and build a direct relationship with your fans. Here your fans can make the payment (buy you a coffee) and leave a message. They don’t even have to create an account.

Now if you are on patreon, you might be knowing that patreon doesn’t offer tips and also you need to have a patreon account for donating. Payment is done with credit card and paypal.

The good thing is that patreon might hold your payment up to 30 days, while Buy me a coffee will provide you instant payment. Buy me a coffee will take 5% of your fees and patreon might take 5%-12%.

Yearly membership payments account for half of the income for the creators, and Patreon doesn’t have that feature. And that’s just one of the many most requested features on Patreon."

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