Oh No, Not That! / Natural Bridges NM / ...

Oh No, Not That! / Natural Bridges NM / Hike to Sipapu & Kachina Bridge / Overnight Oatmea

Mar 14, 2022

Grand Gulch Plateau, Grand Gulch Primitive Area, Cedar Mesa, Natural Bridges, Bears Ears. Whatever you call this place, one thing we can agree on is that it's remote. So remote that it's one of the darkest places in the lower 48.

Today we start out with a plan, we pack our day pack with all the things we should take along when heading into a remote canyon, alone. But then things don't go the way we hoped (we, being you and I). Change is the one thing you can guarantee, and adaptation is something we have to get good at when living out in nature, on the road, in a van. After a couple of days, things get better, and we finally get to hike in Natural Bridges National Monument, not our original plan, but Sipapu & Kachina Bridges are beautiful destinations, so I hope you'll join me on this 6.8-mile hike into and out of a very steep-sided canyon, filled with beauty.


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