Personal rebrand sneak peek

Personal rebrand sneak peek

Mar 21, 2024

I’ve struggled with deciding what to “name myself” over the past few years. I’ve gradually felt less and less connected to my full name (what I historically go by on the Internet in conjunction with skullface). Not having @skullface as an Instagram or Twitch username OR a .com domain really got to me!

My “personal brand ” began to feel more and more fractured: professional full name versus fun Skullface. I avoided dealing with it for far longer than I should have by burrowing into my day job, but avoidance isn’t a solution.

After a lot of SEO-ul searching, I’ve made the naming decision I’m finally super happy about: No more full name, only Skullface. Just Skullface. Call me Skully.

Here’s some of the brand assets for a visual treat.

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