The Realm Forger template system.

The Realm Forger template system.

Feb 05, 2022

Realm Forger is based on an Open Template Structure (OTS). I just made that up, OTS, sound good. But it IS as open as it sounds, though.

I like to explain a few things about it.

Your world (or Realm, as I like to call it) will consist of a lot of different Entities. An Entity is basically everything that has a name, like; a Universe, a character, a piece of armour, a superpower, a type of tree, etc.

Every entity is created based on a Template. Templates that you can create, or pick from the default ones that are available.

Every Template has Attributes to build up the Entity. Again, you can choose pre-defined Attributes, or create your own. Attributes can be anything, from Eye-Color, Weight, Birthdate, Species, Radius, Level, to Wing-Type, Seats, Decibels, Transparency, etc.

Attributes are almost limitless in their use.

Units are just like in real life; like time, length, mass, temperature, etc. Units can also be fictional. If, for instance, a length in your Realm is measured in ‘Quaps‘, you can add it as a Unit. You can use that Unit everywhere in your Realm.

That is basically how the OTS is build up. You should be able to build any Entity you want.

You might have questions. And I love to answer them. You can contact me on any of the links on the website;

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