The Simply Anxious Peer Support Group

The Simply Anxious Peer Support Group

May 09, 2022

Here's some information about the Simply Anxious peer support group. It is a safe space where women can rest and gather strength as they work through their recovery and feel heard & supported without judgement or pressure.

I found a peer support group I was in incredibly helpful in my recovery, so much so that I wanted to do the same for others in a way I know works and motivates. Anxiety may come in different forms and labels, but the common factor is that it can't hurt us and doesn't have to impact our life negatively. This group is where I aim to empower women to know and believe that they are safe and can overcome their fear of anxiety. I share more in-depth about how I broke down my fear of anxiety, approached my fears and took care of myself. The group is full of tips, helpful information, facts, and self-help advice. In addition, members will have access to monthly lives, newsletters, and the challenges I set.

So if you are in therapy but would like some extra support in between sessions, finished therapy or don't feel you need therapy, this group may be just what you need to support you through your healing journey.

I have introduced the tier system so that people can receive the support that they need, whether that is just being part of the group for a sense of community and accountability or participating in the group sessions or 1-1 sessions I offer. Membership is flexible, where you can cancel at any time, upgrade or downgrade with no questions asked. You have complete control.

Please note: This is not a replacement for therapy and if you are suffering from OCD or Trauma-related anxiety, I recommend you seek support from a qualified anxiety/OCD therapist. But please feel free to join the Bronze membership if you just want to feel part of a supportive community.

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