When is a Polaroid not a Polaroid

When is a Polaroid not a Polaroid

Feb 07, 2022

...when it's a lift!

No not a thing that takes you up and down so you don't have to use your legs. We are talking a creative old technique for taking the Polaroid (yes they still exist), and making them into paper artwork that is completely unique in every way!

Here is a Polaroid being taken apart!

Here is an almost naked Polaroid...

Here is a Polaroid almost free from its case...

...and here it is on paper...like a real picture...in all its glory!

But, there's a lot in between that you didn't see in this blog. The image is wafer-thin and very fragile, and there is a lot of careful work with brushes, hot water, bad words, good words, and finally jumping up and down because it looks amazing!

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