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What on Earth is going on?

What on Earth is going on?

Jun 01, 2021

Update 1 June 21 by Katharina Bless

What on Earth is going on?

The Schumann Resonance chart is quiet, and it's good to take a deep breath and relax. It's time for the truth to be told!

Here an image from the Schumann Resonance from @schumannbot, you can follow them on Twitter.

Yesterday I was watching the video with David Icke about the non existing Virus two times. Not hat I have a lot of time to waste, but what he said and the way he rolled it all out is fantastic. There is so much information that it's difficult to "get" it in one go!

From the very beginning I knew that there is something “fishy” going on and already with SARS, AIDS etc. in the last two decades I knew something is not right. I usually test things with Kinesiology, the muscle test which is very powerful and accurate if you do it in the right way.

I was an anti vaxxer since many years since I first hand experienced how my both kids got sick after being vaxxed and having sick babies is a lot of stress. No night to sleep through and so I started to do some research already in the 80’s. It was not easy in this time, but my psychic ability guided me in the right way in the time of no internet.

In the beginning of last year there were several high profile doctors and naturopaths talking about that the virus was not isolated and that this is a flue. Did you realize that in the statistics the flue is not there anymore? And also many other cause of death decreased drastically in favour of Co19. Weird? Absolutely!! But maybe not if you know how much money was paid for a CVir diagnosis and death certificate! To find out the truth, follow the money >>>>>> $$$

Therefore, when I watched this video I was not too much surprised and I know the fact that the bigger the lie, the less people question it. Generally human beings are loving and gentle. Just watch a first reaction when someone is in trouble. Imagine the kid that runs after a ball with a car approaching. The first reaction is to help.

I don’t want to say much here to this topic, but encourage you to watch this video. I will watch it one more time and take some notes. The analysis of David is absolutely brilliant. He was ridiculed for decades and now they celebrate him as a hero. I’m glad that people listen to him now.

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