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True Story

True Story

Dec 31, 2021

Update 31 December 21 by Silver Dove

The True Story of what happened in the past!

Moving away from History = His Story into the True Story

This morning the new report from Reiner Fuellmich came in with the topic “Rethinking”. I didn’t have time yet to watch, but I will.

Now we are entering the new year 2022 and already the numbers of the year bring the message that something is different. Looking at 3x2 we can have 2 triangles which forms a 6 pointed star which represents the balance of yin and yang, which is the base of the Merkabah.

You can never solve a problem on the same level it has manifested. You need to elevate your consciousness to see it from another perspective. If you are in the middle of the mess, you are emotionally distracted and the solution can’t be seen. You have to step back and look at the whole, with all perspectives to find a way out!

We have reached the end of a system that is falling apart and there is no way to fix it! The players that controlled that game are mostly gone, a few are still here, but they don’t have any power anymore. Now the last remaining “debris” from the old has to be cleared.

Many thousand years of a negative and destructive way to program human beings, to keep them slaves and fearful, is not a way forward. It all will break down, the pillars to hold such a structure are not strong, they are rotten from the bloody mess that was created.

I tell you a little story here that is more clear: Many aeons ago, the earth was a very beautiful and peaceful place. The people living here were gentle and connected with their mother, Mother Gaia and their other sisters and brothers in the Galaxy.

At one point there was a council because some of the souls from other systems have become very corrupt and violent. They have been caught and the Council was looking for a place that radiated peace and love to help them to find love and light again.

The humans agreed to take them in and give them all the love and peace they needed to recover from there low density consciousness and lead them back to the light.

Unfortunately, those gentle beings had no idea of the trickery and deceptions these “fallen Angels” were capable of. In the beginning it went quite well, but when the dark souls started to realize that they had a paradise here to exploit, they gathered together, attracted by their negative energy and started to plan how they could overthrow that society and make them their slaves.

They started very slowly and introduced things that people didn’t really need, but they were shiny and attractive, so those lovely and also innocent/naive humans played with them and had fun. The Dark Ones created more and more such things and told the people that this was making them happy. The earthlings at this time had no concept of happiness, life was just what it is and their heart was pure, so they always helped each other all times.

A long way of deception has started then and those Dark Once very diligently worked on taking over the planet, steal the resources, control them and make the earth humans depended… which automatically started to lead to greed and fear.

We have to admit, that the Dark Ones were very good in what they were doing. The Earth was a zone of free will, so they used it to play out there dark games.

But those games had a downside, as mentioned before: the pillars holding up that structure was corrupted and they started to fight among themselves too. The immense greed went on and on, until the imbalance was too much and their system started to fall apart and crash.

Many of those who were deceived, started to feel that something is wrong a long time ago, but they could not see a way out. They were chained to the system to survive and only the very old and wise souls were able to slowly withdraw and through stillness, mediation and reconnection with Mother Gaia find a way out for them. They slowly started to also influence those around them and more and more started to wake up and see what truly was happening.

They started to form an alliance and also make plans! They knew they can overthrow the corrupt system and started also to diligently work on it. Many have sacrificed their lives to do so and it took much longer than anticipated. Many battles have been fought on personal and global levels. And eventually the Light became stronger, the things hidden in the shadows of fear and greed started to be exposed in the light and now… yes, this is where we are, the story is repeating itself:

There is a galactic council that has decided it’s enough now and those evil souls that have not taken the opportunity to find the way back into the light, will have to leave the earth. Mother Gaia is now moving into a higher dimension again and the game of those Dark Ones can’t be played here anymore.

Another planet was being prepared to host them, one they can’t leave. It’s like a huge prison for them and all those dark ones can not play their game among themselves to learn to earn their living under more difficult circumstances until they will… one day in the far future… find back to the light and the divine source of who they really are.

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