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Start of a new Adventure

Start of a new Adventure

May 18, 2021

How it starts - 18 May 21 by Katharina Bless

Those who read my moon reading might be aware that this time is also a very powerful time to start new projects. What is asked now is our creativity to move forward into the new paradigm and just be flexible. To understand what time quality we have helps a lot.

Recently I had a talk with a psychic friend and we were talking about energy exchange and balance. She pointed out that in my life the energy exchange is not balanced… not so directly and I don’t remember exactly how she said it. I was sitting on my balcony a couple days ago and then it really made all sense. She told me about “Buy me a Coffee” and I like it because there is not a lot of money involved.

So there are two aspects: one is the need I hear from people around me for these energy updates and my own need to balance energy exchange better. That is a good start!

Now I have decided that I write more energy updates also questioning my different oracles I have, including Dakini Oracle, Star Symbols etc. and write 3-4 updates every week in my brand new “Buy me a coffee” site. I also will do a short quarter-moon reading there. This one is especially interesting since the moon is in a square to the previous and future full/dark moon.

To join I have created 2 possibilities: You pay 5 US$ per month to support me and you have free access to all the updates.

The second is the “supreme update ;-)” is 9 US$ a month and each member is allowed to ask a question per month that I will answer in the updates. Maybe you are interested what is going on in your country or have another “energy” question that I can answer. Questions how to move on on the ascension ladder connected with what is happening now on our planet etc. I can’t answer personal questions or do personal readings here.

One reason why I am doing this is an experience that I had with a famous lady that was one of the first to talk about what happens to dying people and that death is not the end. She was a medical doctor (Swiss born living in the US) and stirred up great waves in the 1970 and 80’s. I had a chance to meet her and organize a talk in Switzerland in ‘86 and was in contact with her since.

She was very compassionate and giving.. giving… giving… and her energy balance was totally one-sided. She had to experience this when she was old and dying, she was sick in bed for a quite long time and had to learn to accept help and service from others. The most interesting thing is that she told us in one of her talks, that exactly this happened to her mother, she had to learn to receive.

I tend to be very much the same, doing every thing myself and having a hard time to accept help. Now I am learning to balance. The reason why I have such a hard time to do that is that where I come from (not earth) there is no money… we work because we want to and all is provided. Imagine you walk in a store and take what you need. No payment. But you contribute to the whole in your very special unique way, and all is balanced. I look forward to the new system that is more close to this. But for now, I have to balance!

Therefore I will start to post tomorrow. I will post 5 days free for every one to see and sporadically make updates here too, at least once a week for every body. In addition you have access to my free SkyView Astrology Moon Readings:

Blessings and Gratitude, Katharina

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