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Life is more, it is a miracle!

Life is more, it is a miracle!

May 25, 2021

Update 25 May 21 by Silver Dove

The interview with Nobel Prize winner Luc Montanier that I watched (and posted in Telegram) earlier just hit me like a tsunami. Even though I have seen the info already, the interview really went under the skin. (I post the image here)

Thinking of those who have got the injection and this knowledge slowly going on is about the worst nightmare! Such cruelty is so outrageous!
How can we heal this? Looking at that mess and live with that knowing?

I was contemplating and asking one of my oracles to give me a hint how that we can live with this, and this is what I got:

This is the information of a Nobel Price winner looking at the situation from a linear point of view, a scientific way.

Therefore people who are on a linear path of life will experience what is linear. Many souls will leave the planet now. They have not signed up for the shift yet, they are younger souls who have not enough experience, enough evolved to move forward now.

But life is more, it is a miracle!

Miracles can happen, the spirit is stronger than the body, mind and emotions. From the friction of forgetting and remembering comes magic. Through the mist of intuition and the mystery of creation comes the magic of life. Life is magic. Out of the passion of life, the passion of being here and part of the shift, this is the miracle they will experience – they who are ready for a divine intervention and miracle.

First I was very irritated when I read about magic. I had to contemplate if longer… and then it clicked and the info was clear.

I can even imagine that those who are about to wake up and realize what is going on will make a huge jump forward in their evolution.

It is also a lesson again in trying to understand that what we call the Divine Creator is not thinking like human beings. We live in a place of free choice and some times people have incarnated in war times to be killed or to kill. The soul knew it and decided to experience it. So who are we to judge?

Let those have the injection who want, there must be a soul reason behind it. You are one awaken or in the process of awakening and therefore walk your path in integrity, honesty and dignity.

I am positive that things will change very soon and light will flood the planet!

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