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Give yourself permission to FEEL!

Give yourself permission to FEEL!

Jul 22, 2021

Update 22 July 21 by Silver Dove

Give yourself permission to FEEL!
Feelings are Healing!

Yesterday I was listening to this short video from Lori Ladd and I want to share this with you today and add a few things here.

A different perspective is needed! We have been programmed in an old paradigm as being sinners, not good enough etc… you all know this story line.

But now let’s move on to a different one:

We are spirits, Divine beings, having a human experience. We are here to experience every thing possible here on the 3D experiment that we signed up to participate.
(This image shows the body when the spirit body leaves it when we die)

Now, every one thinking a bit logical can imagine that we can’t have only nice and happy experiences, but if we are here we go trough it all. Positive and negative.

But our program tells us that some experiences are good and some are bad. This is a judgment that is not accurate.

Some experiences are positive and we enjoy them.

Some experiences are negative and painful maybe, we don’t enjoy them.

This is how a human being learns to chose the experience and become more clever.

Again, our program interferes with this natural happening and installs a NORM. So things become norm-al instead of natur-al and we are said that things we don’t enjoy are good and needed. Like punishment etc.

Our NORM has become so twisted that normal people have no idea anymore what life really is about. Layers and layers of programs have to be removed to come to the core of our true human life and being.

Since the energy has massively changed in 2012 (even if many can’t see it) things are happening very fast and our perception of time has changed. Now the process of shifting into a different energy band is accelerated and triggers the events happening now.

We can’t remain in the old energy. We have the choice to move on and do the homework we came to do or our spirit will chose teachers (like illness predominant now!) so you can learn the lessons.

Lori talks about how important feelings are in this process:

Lori Ladd: Short message for humanity!

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