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Energy "spikes" and Tell a Vision

Energy "spikes" and Tell a Vision

Sep 15, 2021

Update 15 September 21 by Silver Dove

Energy “spikes” and Tell a Vision

In the last couple days we had these very strong energy spikes, the look like they pierce every thing for a moment. This reminds me of the micro-needle rollers that we can use on the skin to help to remove toxins and it helps to eliminate scars.

These are micro needles or spikes you can call them that make little punctures into he skin activating the process of repairing and eliminating.

These spikes in the Schumann Resonance chart remind me of these needles. We are kind of punctured with these strong energy “spikes” and punctured in our belief and habit systems. These are like a little bit of light can flow through that mini hole to infiltrate in a positive way our stuck perspective. Suddenly people who never before questioned the daily life and habits, start to do so.

In addition we can also see not that there are groups coming together and more “wild cards” are appearing and adding to the confusion. There is still a lot of confusion and this will not pass fast. The reason for this constellation that is visible in the real star constellations, is to confuse our mind so much that we start to mistrust it. In addition many planets are retrograde and now Mercury too, so we have to listen to our feelings, our heart because the mind is confused and distracted with a lot of "tell a vision" info that is absolute fiction and fabrication. But many believe it because the "see" in on the TV. If you know what is possible today, you don't trust a word they say!

This is one way out. Our mind is such a dense program that it is very difficult to move beyond. Every one who started to learn mediation has a story to tell how the thought are going wild the moment you want to “turn them off”.

It’s not working that way, you can’t turn them off but you can leave them behind!
This is the real art of meditation.

Now these energy spikes are penetrating this dense mental programs and create fissures so light can seep in. This is one way how the new energy works. In the moment we would die when the energy would rise in one go.

We are in a situation like when we change radio stations, the disturbing sounds in between the two stations, that’s where we are at. Some still close to the start, some have managed to go through most of it already. We have left the last age and are in the moment in the first years of the big shift. It was prophesier by many cultures as the different “yuga” or in the Mayan Calendar and revelations in the Bible etc.

This can’t happen too fast because our physical bodies would be destroyed. In the past of earth human history the end of an age was always accompanied by a big cataclysm that destroyed humanity and this is the first time in our human earth history that this is not happening.

Since humanity has reached a consciousness level which allows this transition (in 1986), it is also clear to every person, that if you move on into something new, you have to let go of the old. And to let go we have to sort our things out and get rid of what is not serving us anymore.

Here now it’s more dramatic and problematic as you can see looking into the situation of humanity, no the less, it’s what we have accumulated in millennia of having entities on the planet which were evil. They did nothing else for all this time to gather power and enslave the human race in very disturbing ways that they hid and cheated with their way of information to trick us into consent.

Did you ever think about why it’s called Television and you watch a program? It’s all hidden in the open: Tell a Vision to Program peopl

Now we have to look at what happened and take responsibility for our part which show themselves as the “problems” in our lives. The more you try to avoid them the bigger they become. So don’t wait longer and face the problems in your live, they won’t go away … but they will become bigger and bigger…. If you push them away.

And don’t blame others that have signed up in this life to help you to overcome your problems. Often they are close relatives to make sure things work out! They build up the pressure to make it possible that we can awaken!

There was a long way until I understood why we should love our enemy! But now I do, and maybe this can be a key for you to understand this topic a bit better. If you look into the world, you can see how much pressure it needs to wake up the sleepers!

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