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Energy shift after Eclipse

Energy shift after Eclipse

Apr 18, 2024

IPearls of Wisdom with Katharina Bless

Message from Aluna Joy
Post Eclipse - Shifts, Changes and Upgrades.

I have receive this message this morning and want to share it here, I have some text copied and please visit her website, there you find very precious information! URL below.

’ve been paying attention to shifts in the collective since the solar eclipse on April 8th.  What I have been seeing is a lot of very deep things have been coming up in the collective that is beyond our current memory.  Most of what is clearing out has little to do with our present life. What we are clearing now is linked to ancestral patterns, past lives, and the massive collective global karma.  We are healing humanity's trauma. Every layer of pain we heal within ourselves is an echo from previous generations and ancient lineages who could not heal it.  Future generations will no longer need to deal with this heavy layer of trauma. This healing is our legacy, our gift to the future. 

The solar eclipse went very deep and triggered the collective solar plexus.  It has impacted many people in different ways depending on what wave of their evolution they are on. Remember, the ascension process is not a straight path.  The universe undulates like a colossal energy dragon. It ebbs and flows by its very nature. We can see that over time, we are evolving despite setbacks. 

This post-eclipse time will affect EVERYTHING under the SUN.  We don’t know precisely what issues are being cleared out. Don't go looking for problems to fix. If an issue is in marching in your front door, it is yours to heal.  We will wade through this bit of our evolution like old sludge. So bring out your inner child and your colorful mud boots, everyone!  We got this!

Most people on Earth do not have the luxury of time to notice how things are shifting collectively. So we need to be kind and patient with everyone and ourselves. We might see people being more reclusive, more reactive, easily angered, making rash decisions, and burning bridges unnecessarily.  Physically, we might feel deeply exhausted or manic or both and have headaches and slight nausea, a.k.a ascension morning sickness.  Our dream state could be heightened, revealing clues to what is being cleared out. 

Decisions we will make right now we might have to backtrack on later. We are finding our footing in new frequencies we have never experienced before. Without realizing it, we might take action based on old habits, but some of these actions won’t work the same way as in the past.  This is where we will have to backtrack and find another solution.  Don’t get discouraged. Just keep looking for a new way. I am told the solution is there. We have to be patient and tap into a new level of creativity. 

The strongest thing I’m feeling is this ….  Whatever is being cleared now in the collective cannot go forward into the new frequencies.  THIS STOPS WITH US! These old contaminated patterns, programs, wounds, dysfunctions, and dependencies cannot continue.  Parasitic actions in humanity can no longer move forward. Humanity must live from their Godself and personal inner power instead of harvesting energy from others. We all have brilliant energy available to us within. Every single one of us.  Anything anchored in greed, projects fear, or intentionally misleads to harvest power or light from others will not be tolerated much longer.   This current clearing will affect many people who need outside validation, have difficulty being self-reflective, can’t take accountability, and have learned that projecting their issues on others or blaming others helps them survive. We must be the living example of a different way. 

This time will impact families, communities, and the world’s governments.  With that said…  I make it another call to all of you to anchor LOVE and PEACE into the energy grids and sacred areas where you live.  World governments and organizations have the most significant problems of taking accountability for their actions, and their projections are what start or worsen existing wars.  (and even before I could post this message, Iran began to attack Israel.) Please project your LIGHT and LOVE to ALL PLACES on EARTH that are out of alignment with new frequencies. Do this without judgment or attachment outcome.  May LIGHT and LOVE PREVAIL. 

Plain and simple … the Earth is growing up, and we are growing with it.  So, even though we don’t understand what’s being cleared now, it’s actually quite epic!  But this is our legacy to build. We have the resources we need. We have a strong will, a gentle strength, great tenacity, and the brilliant LIGHT to get it done.  
And so it is.  Blessings - Aluna Joy 

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Katharina is a spiritual teacher since 4 decades, traveling the world and teaching. As an "old soul" her only goal is to help human beings to see beyond the material/persona limitations. She is retired and lives in Chiang Rai Thailand where she has started to grow her own food, planted a huge orchard of fruit and other trees.

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