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A message from my Dakini Oracle

A message from my Dakini Oracle

Oct 30, 2021

Update 30 October 21 by Silver Dove

A message from my Dakini Oracle

For a while I have not used my Dakini Oracle, but felt very strongly that I need to check it out today. When I asked what is happening now, I got the Joker. The Joker in the Dakini Oracle is not of this world. You can see the many faces and the world floating near his left foot. On the right side we have the dice and book representing the “game” and history, the past.

The message is that things are happening now to end the history, to put the dice to rest and expand the view beyond our “normal” perception. Things that are happening now are not played out in front of our eyes, many can’t see it yet.

Still, if you play the game or have withdrawn most of your energy already, it will affect every one and every thing will change. When I asked how it will change I get the “Pillar of Fire” which shows a tidal wave with a pillar of fire behind it. This is the absolute cleansing, the tidal wave that washes every thing clean and then, within the golden/pink fire, which is not destructive, but brings new things, inspiration and new life.

The third card where I was asking where are we heading brings the image of the “Living Goddess” which clearly shows that the male dominance is broken and the softer female energies are coming to the surface again to stabilize the new energies that are flowing in from the photon belt.

This makes a lot of sense, the Shiva card as the male force now destroying the darkness, the evil will be flushed out and vaporized by the light of the fire. Then the female energy that was so much abused and misused can come back in a pure form of love and beauty.

This sounded all a bit nearly “too good” when I was looking again, and had a lock at the chart to confirm it. I also can see it in the “finger of God” figure of the Yod here.

The Yod figure is pointing to retrograde Neptune on the last degree of Aquarius. The connecting aspects coming from Mercury in Virgo and the Moon in Leo. This chart shows that important and life changing things are happening, but not visible for most people. It will be quite emotional because the public are not sure what is happening, especially those who still believe in Mainstream Media. They are confronted with orders that don’t make sense and see/hear things they can’t explain.

If you have such people around, you might be able to explain things, they might suddenly be open to hear. All people on the planet can see and sense the changes. Many are still in denial and thing the “old” is coming back. It will not, and we will experience a “new normal” but not in the way that the Cabal has imagined.

The consciousness level of humanity is rising. Where there is light, the shadows and the dark just disappear…. there is no fight!

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