Enable Notion’s Dark Mode

Enable Notion’s Dark Mode

Aug 23, 2022

Today, as I was using Notion, I was thinking “does Notion have a dark mode? Looking at the white pages at night strains my eyes”. And sure enough, Notion does have a night mode. 

Here’s how to enable it:

  1. Scroll in the sidebar until you see the option “Settings & members” with a cog icon to its left. Click on this option.

  2. In the now open popup, select the “My notifications & settings” option.

  3. Look at the section “My settings”.

  4. Look at the first option “Appearance” with the description “Customize how Notion looks on your device.”.

  5. On the right of this option, there is a dropdown.

  6. There are three options in the dropdown: “Use system settings”, “Light”, and “Dark”.

  7. Select the option you would like to use.

  8. Congratulations, you’re done!

Does this take too long for you? No worries, you can switch between modes using CMD+SHIFT+ALT (Mac) or CTRL+SHIFT+ALT (Windows).

Hopefully, this tutorial helps you out!

You can also find this tutorial on my tumblr blog with annotated images.

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