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“Reports of my death are greatly exagger ...

“Reports of my death are greatly exaggerated”

Sep 17, 2022

Well! That’s that then. If you know you know!

How are we all doing my friends? Apologies for my absence on this platform, I have been making changes, shedding, growing and strengthening. Like a lizard….. make of that what you will.

Not really got an overall theme for this post but I haven’t written for 3 weeks now so I wanted to at least give everyone an update on me, the channel and the community as a whole. The discord server has been a fantastic success so far and it feels great to be part of something that has zero pressures whatsoever. Man, it’s a breath of fresh air. New friends, old friends and reconciliation at its best. I have always been empathetic and as someone that continues to struggle with the ‘human condition’ (I wrote about it about a year ago). I above all have had to receive forgiveness and understanding in my life. I’ve felt like I’ve kind of lost these core values, I had become cliquey and mistrusting. Osmosis is a bitch man; you never realise it’s happening and its insidious. You only realise when you’re stuck in a dark room with no-one, convincing yourself everything’s ok. Recently the people in my life have shown me nothing but love and I have to give the people around me the credit for opening the curtains, letting in the light and kicking the toxicity. I’m elated and the people know who they are. Thank you!

Right then let’s get this YouTube dream back on its tracks. My channel is thriving at the moment, I’m in a great place with making shorts again. Think they are doing quite well, and they are so much fun to make, they really highlight the little moments in gaming with your friends that are special, funny and being able to immortalise and share them is super cool.

I’ve started several collaborations recently. I got such a cool mix of games right now and its all fun. There is nothing I am doing right now that I’m not enjoying or feel like I have to do. We are into the second round of the F1 League which is obviously a dream of mine for ages now, F1 has been a mainstay of my channel since the beginning. To run a fun and competitive league is just awesome. I’m now playing a campaign of Civilization 6 with a group of people I’ve wanted to really play with for some time, same in the F1. Great to be collaborating and playing with people I have bags of respect for in the YT community and as people. Some of these relationships I’ve had for nearly 3 years now, these moments are not lost on me. So mad love boys and girls 😉.

I have decided to make a couple of changes to the channel in terms of the line-up. I will ‘for now’ be taking the single player careers of F1 22 and GT7 off of the channel. This is simply because I’m engaged in F1 via the league and GT7 via Supers championship, to follow that hit the channel up and smash the notification button, we race on Saturdays and run several practices throughout the weeks, always worth a watch! Another reason for this is that I also love my Action-RPG style stuff as well. I am really digging the Ghost of Tsushima, but I find that trying to get my teeth into it can be hard as I’m only getting to play it once or twice a week which obviously affects firstly skill and secondly immersion, both for me and the viewers. So I will be increasing the amount Ghosts is streamed alongside my community night streams. I am however going to be bringing back ‘RETRO SUNDAYS’ at least for now anyway. I enjoyed Turtles Shredders revenge so much that I treated myself to the ‘Cowabunga collection’ There is 11 games in that collection going back to the NES and Arcade machines days. So…. that’s dope asf no? Racing will always be a huge part of my channel and I will return to the careers when I get the bug again. I’m going to get GOT out of the way and hopefully get a great game lined up next.

Little personal update. Now the school holidays are over, and my time is less dominated by my kids I am back in the pool and walking again consistency. I am 36lbs down in my weight loss journey. I hate calling it that but how else? I’m feeling so much better in myself, got a huge way to go but after this progress I know I can do it. In the past I have become so obsessed about it. I once lost 80lbs in 11 months, but I put it all and more straight back on once I didn’t maintain it. I’ve so far lost the 36lbs in 10 months and its obviously going to be better in the long wrong. Fit by 40 is the moto. I might make T-Shirts.

Oh, that reminds me. I have approached a fabulous artist to commission a couple of T-shirt designs and a couple of other bits too so going to have the artwork on point soon and I will be making my merchandise myself and selling it directly to the customer. It’ll be cheaper for the customer and more personal from me. I cannot abide the stream-elements stuff and the YT Plug in companies are just awful too. A couple of the products look good but the rest is just garbage. I will be getting a couple of the ‘bits and pieces’ for myself but I hate that another big company gets to be a part of my thing. If you know me, you KNOW how that sits with me.

Just lastly and to end this. I’ve taken a bit of stick over the past couple of weeks. I was called really abusive things in a livestream, and I just want to address it.

Take a long hard look at yourself in the mirror…. Shouting homophobic obscenities at a human being in a livestream. Who’s the bitch? Really?

Nuff Love my friends

Stay awesome


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