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New Seasons bring New Updates

New Seasons bring New Updates

Oct 26, 2023

Hey everyone, I wanted to give you a little update for the channel, me and what’s coming this winter. This has been a ridiculously busy year for me, and the channel has just not been the priority it once was. So as some of you know my father passed away in July this year. Caring for him, being with him and then managing his affairs, arranging the funeral and all that entailed happening alongside me deciding to start learning a new trade and learn to drive. Three huge things along with the huge Channel thing I was already doing, made Four really big things. Earlier this year I decided to act on a long-term dream to start learning how to make furniture, crafts and odd things out of reclaimed wood. I decided that I wanted to pursue Carpentry, something I can do with my hands and that is mindful, complex, tactile and rewarding. It works with my mental health issues perfectly. I decided on the driving license originally in order to bridge the gap between my father ( and I due to distance but unfortunately, he died before I passed. I got the license this Monday (YAY, Go Me!) and now with it moving into mid-autumn and then winter the Carpentry isn’t viable as often due to the weather. (I’m currently working out of my garden but next year I will have a small, covered area to use a workshop). All this paragraph really amounts to is “I’ve been really busy and dedicated to other things and now I’m not”. Hey why use ten words when 251 will do?

I had become disillusioned with YT as well over the past eighteen months or so as well. A breakdown in several relationships gave me pause to really sit down and think about what I wanted from it. As you guys know my primary motivation for YT was to recapture the fun I had as a teenager hanging out with my buddies, jamming and playing games. I also got caught up in the instant rewards of YT shorts, gaining tons of new subscribers and thousands of views became the easy option for me and wasn’t particularly time consuming either. Those subscribers didn’t translate to interaction with my Live streams and the streams’ performance with the YT algorithm become very weird. Never getting on the shelf so to speak and because my shorts were doing well, I felt trapped. Its really tough to watch your analytics go from twenty-five thousand views to one thousand for the previous twenty-eight days. I am very pleased I have made it out of the short’s nightmare and guess what? My livestreams are gaining traction again. Live Gaming was all I wanted to do when I started YT. Super chill streams, hanging out and playing a monster game. The last two months of no shorts has been tough but I’m in such a better place when I look at my analytics and the engagement has felt much, much more genuine. All of this brings me to the crux of the announcement. I have a lot more free time to sink my obsessional brain into something else so I am coming back! Properly! As of next week, I will be back streaming to a regular schedule and generally much more active and available in the community.

I intend to finish Hogwarts Legacy as I’m loving that game. I have purchased Spider-Man 2 also. Spider Man 1 and Miles Morales were so amazing on my channel previously that I’m just so excited to get into a top difficulty playthrough of that for you awesome people. We are now on round eight of the F1 23 Goblin Racing League, which has been so much fun. Also, I do have Jedi Survivor on my radar once I have finished either Hogwarts or Spider-Man 2 (I can’t play more than two AAA game, it destroys my brain) I’ve been playing Jedi Fallen Order in my free time and boy it’s just phenomenal.

So, I just wanted to say that its going to be an exciting time coming on the channel and for me to come back one hundred percent and put full energy into the work that I do on YT.

Thanks for taking the time to read this, I have posted the pictures of the carpentry pieces in my discord server until the #Goblins-Workshop tab and I will attach them to the BuyMeACoffee page post as well. Thank you for all your continued support during this year. Thank you to my true friends in the community who have been there for me this year when my father passed away, you are all the best small gaming community out there! Horde4Lyfe


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