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“I hate you!” – Anakin Skywalker

“I hate you!” – Anakin Skywalker

Jul 15, 2022

“I hate you!” – Anakin Skywalker

Hello everyone! I hope you are all well and thriving? Well, I screwed up my own schedule at the first attempt, I had intended to publish a new blog each week, but I caught COVID and it really sucked so I wasn’t able to get one written. Not that I didn’t sit down to try but each time I did I found myself going off on these fever trysts and didn’t make any sense or came across way too opinionated. So firstly, apologies for the missing week and I’m glad to be back writing. Wanted to touch on my worry about being too opinionated; people know me as loud and opinionated. I run ShutYerGob….. like its part of the deal, right? Been feeling off colour lately with “debating” and “taking a stand”. I just don’t have the patience for it to be honest. I’m angrier than ever with the state of the world, the state of the people in it, the ignorance, the hatred, the selfishness, the entitlement, greed, self-aggrandisement. The lack of any real empathy out there right now. I’m angry at encountering perfectly nice people that have no frigging idea how they perpetuate this abominable indifference to the things that are happening around them.

I studied Government and Politics and History at A level, the ability to have intelligent, well structured ‘debated and arguments’ is what that taught me, but I don’t have the energy or the patience anymore. All that optimism I had when I was a teenager about a changing world, a better place going forward, kinder and more caring has not only not materialised, it has gone backwards as far as I can tell and the fact we are now living in this uber nationalist and jingoistic society where anyone with a mobile phone gets spammed with these bullshit news stories and opinion pieces that touch ever so slightly on our primal urge to look after ourselves first and it slowly over the course of time has its effect. Perfectly nice people slightly manipulated over the course of 50 years does so much damage. I could never imagine a time where we would have another war in Europe. I lived through the Kosovan war. I lived next to genuine Kosovan refugees as a kid. We had some fireworks one November the 5th and as a kid I listened to those children cry all the way through. I asked my dad why they were crying, and the answer was. “The last explosions they heard were actual bombs….”. This brutal war in Ukraine isn’t even making the news anymore! The casual indifference to not making changes in our lives for the benefit of everyone sickens me to the core. The “I’m alright Jack” attitude just makes me rage. This morning I saw an older lady begging in the car park outside the supermarket, she approached a Women wearing Ray Bans in a Mercedes and asked for spare change. Now I don’t always give to people when I can't, but this woman verbally abused this poor woman for asking her. Like if you can’t give just say “sorry” and go about your business. That person is somebodies Grandmother, do you really think a woman in retirement age wants to be out there in 30-degree weather asking someone half her age for a few coins so they can eat. I’ve got to be so careful these days as my initial instinct is to head butt this person and jump up and down on the Merc!

The reason I cannot be bothered anymore with the debates, the endless discussions is because you are so already broken that I feel like my only recourse is to whig out and smash shit up. The time for ‘debate and discussion’ is over. It doesn’t solve anything; everyone these days believes that have the given right to an opinion. There is nothing wrong with having a difference of opinion, but you should always remain teachable and defer to greater minds and be prepared to be wrong. The only way we learn is from making mistakes. People today have the attitude that their phone told them so they must know what they are talking about. It boggles my mind.

Right so after ditching previous rants and trysts I then proceed to publish one. My bad lol 😉.

Anyway, onto what’s going on for me and the channel. I had Covid as I mentioned so I was unable to do any exercise, go out or hug my kids. This was so tough. On the sofa for 8 days, isolating. Its very hard to isolate in a house full of people. It was bloody awful but I’m so glad I had my jabs as God only knows what it would have been like without them and I’m so grateful I didn’t have to go to hospital or seek outside help. Soooooooo anyone in the UK will attest to how fucking hot it’s been. The only way to stream for me at the moment due to the heat is by racing, with the wheel cam and it’s been brilliant.

If you have been with me since the start of the channel you will know it was first called “DadRacing” and was exclusively as Sim Racing channel. It’s been nice to really get back to my roots and just race. I was given some awesome feedback from a friend that he enjoys my racing streams the most as apparently, I seem to be having so much more fun than in my other streams. What a lovely thing to say but upon reflection there is a reason why my channel has maybe felt a bit off lately from my side anyway is that I haven’t quite found the game that replaces the Assassins Creed games that I was playing. I’ve always felt my channel was at its best when the racing was alongside a killer Action RPG or RPG. I think back to the Witcher 3 days, the Assassins Creed days and even recently the Batman streams.

I’ve tried several games that haven’t really hit the spot for me like Guardians of the Galaxy. On paper it should be fun, and I should enjoy it, but I just don’t. Its so tough getting the balance right on a channel. I’m looking at Greed fall. Game looks really cool, RPG with a great setting and it’s had a PS5 remaster which is always worth a look. I’m slightly hesitant as I don’t want to start something again and not finish it, but I feel like if the game hits me, then we can go on a good 100+ hour journey together. I love that idea of sharing an adventure with you guys and I hope I can find the game to do that with. Also thinking about Ghosts of Tsushima as well. Might put it to a vote… not sure lol. Might not get the answer I want haha.

Right lastly, I’ve been very productive this week with my exercise, life balance and mental health. I’m a bit manic at the moment and a tad singular minded but its in a good way. I don’t mind letting the crazy take over when its being productive. Been swimming twice this week and walking twice as well. Good thing about COVID was I lost 5lbs which put me back to where I was after dieting/exercising since November. I’m back on the 28lbs lost mark so I’m hoping to kick on and loose another 2 stone (28lbs) by Christmas, I think it’s quite achievable with the routine I’m doing. Man, I’m looking forward to picking up a couple of sports again, would love to play a set or two of Tennis or Badminton. I used to love competing as a kid and teenager and it’s nice to feel like mind and body have a bit of balance again. I always used to scoff when people said “mind and body” but it’s so true. The days where I swim or walk, I rarely have extreme downs or Manic highs I have to make sure I don’t allow my head to talk me out of doing this stuff as it’s key.

Right well. There will be loads of racing coming on the channel as its going down very well and everyone is having fun aaaaaannnnnnnnnnnnd I can do it in my pants 😉. Have a wonderful day my friends, stay awesome, stay grateful and stay humble.

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