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A few words about Shroomok

A few words about Shroomok

Jul 09, 2021

We share our mushroom cultivation experience, describe in detail the minimum necessary tools and the simplest steps for beginners in our step by step Shroomok — Mushroom Cultivation Guide

We use the most accessible and inexpensive tools to organize growing at home. Even a newbie can learn and start growing. This mastery within everyone's reach!

Of course, you can get better results with laboratory equipment, laminar flow hood, glovebox, and sterile chambers, but come on... you need to start easy.

This guide is not a perfect manual and does not pretend to be an expert opinion. You'll see successes, failures, mistakes, helpful tips and tricks, experiments, observations and conclusions from our own experience.

You can make your own adjustments, optimize and improve the process, do things differently, easier, make it fun. The sky is the limit!

Wish you exciting Growing Trip!
Peace 🙏

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