This Process & Finding my Rhythm

This Process & Finding my Rhythm

Nov 06, 2021

No one likes going through the process. We want the shiny object at the end from the beginning.

I love writing but not the discipline of it (listen I'm going to be honest over here on this good internet). When it was time for me to write my second book I literally was kicking because I knew it required lengths of solitude ( I like me time when it looks like laying on the beach minding my business or watching Netflix).

To give you perspective I've already mapped out the gist of the story. I know the beginning, middle and end loosely. The middle may have adjustments but not too much. I've also marked out my beat sheet -this identifies the important moments in the film. This sounds like a lot but this is pretty fun and easy --it's the stories "heartbeat".

HOWEVER, building my characters is a process and I'm just like send help. Your characters are what brings the story to life and you literally have to think about who they are and not just wing it. Why they do what they do. What goal are they trying to accomplish and what's standing in the way.

It's so easy to skip steps in the process and pay for it later with a million rewrites and I don't have time for that. I'm just looking forward to when I get to actually start writing the script because my characters have things to say!

Here's to enjoying the process and building an amazing story.

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