It's been far too long

It's been far too long

Sep 27, 2022

I wanted to tell that honored my granny and h w grandparents stories needed to be shared on screen.

But as a creative you have to be honest with yourself. I honestly wasn't ready to intertwine my granny's life into the pages of this story -- yet. It's just a tad too fresh and I'm a believer in not forcing your art. I found myself leaning more into audio storytelling through podcast. Where I launched Seated with Strangers.

I bring Strangers together to chat about culture, social norms, what's happening in the internet streets and more. It has been so special to watch how it's evolved. People from the UK have formed relationships with people in Alabama to New York and Georgia alike. It's not forced -- it organic. However, after the 30 to 40 minutes that we chat it isn't guaranteed that we walk away the best of friends but we may land on a changed perspective or the ability to actually see people beyond social media sound bites.

Bringing people together so that we talk to each other instead of at each other has been something that I have held so close to me because it's such a honor and major responsibility. And me being me I decided to lean more into it, expanding to in person dinner parties where strangers come together over food not know what to expect. Trusting me with their time and vulnerability.

These moments are literally Chef Kiss.

Hang out with us as we navigate podcast land, dinner parties while sharing our stories.

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