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Line Up and Special Live!

Line Up and Special Live!

Feb 21, 2022

Happy Monday Everyone!!

Here is the lineup for this week it will be also posted to YouTube once I'm able to post to YT again, lol!! We have a special podcast this Wednesday night replacing our normal show with Alpha on Rumble with Real Patriots Voice. For this night I am also going to stream members only live on YT for pregame chat and to watch the live privately as long as YT lets me.

If you want to become a YT member you can do so at the link below -

Also, our restriction there should be up by Wednesday. ;)

This is a trial run so we'll see how it goes. The pregame live starts at 6:30p Wednesday night with RPV starting at 7pm cst. The link will be posted to YouTube members only page & emailed out here as well. If you have any questions please let me know -

To watch it on Rumble you can go to the link below -

Thank you all for everything and I love your faces!

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