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Line Up, Exclusives & More

Line Up, Exclusives & More

Oct 23, 2021

Happy SATURDAY everyone!!!

Here is the Line Up for this week. If you haven't checked out our YouTube channel and clicked that subscribe button please go do so! We're tons of fun 😉

Here are also the Exclusives for the month of November. Members get special pricing for all of them.

Group hypnotherapy class!

We are offering another group hypnotherapy class with the very talented @snowjenl

This class will focus on very specific pinpoints of healing such as connecting with your inner guides, strengthening your intuition, inner child and never experienced before Soul Retrieval. Going beyond time and space to find that piece of your soul that is ready to connect with you again.

This class will not just be about healing but about guidance, inner truth and making each and every person who participates whole again.

Cost is $400 or $350 for members and payment arrangements can be made through me if needed.

Any question please don't hesitate to reach out to myself, @sonya1brown1 or @snowjenl

Group Reading with Psychic Pam Sears!!! These are always a blast!!

And lastly something brand new - a vision board workshop with the wonderful Reiki Master Jaimie

and as always... some behind the scenes.

As most of you know we took a long trip with Kermit to KY! Although the trip was everything it wasn't without its challenges. We talked as a family after we got back and decided the longer trips would be spaced out better so we could all go together and the kids expressed they really were not feeling Christmas on the beach 😅

So now we have a new plan to use Kermit for weekend get aways locally over the winter if needed but I'm still 100% planning on my solo trip to AZ. More to come on what this all looks like but either way it's going to be amazing!!

I love all your faces and I appreciate you being here, your support and just for being you. I may be Shipwreck but a captain is only as good as her crew and I have the best one. ❤

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