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Cancelation - Update - YouTube - Twitch

Cancelation - Update - YouTube - Twitch

Feb 18, 2022

Happy Friday!

I hope you're all ready for the weekend and had an amazing week! As of the last couple of weeks I've had some issues with BMAC not canceling people's subscriptions when they request it and charging their cards which they have to dispute, which is fine as long as they get their money back except for each dispute that goes through charges me $25 plus the $5 refund.

So, in order to rectify this, I've actually canceled everyone's subscriptions on my side, and I am in the process of moving everyone over to YouTube who wants to continue to support, and I will leave this up and going for the weekly email distribution and special events that we might do in the future, you just no longer will be charged for it. That's all. It's the fairest and less impacting way I can come up with to rectify the situation.

If you paid for an annual membership, no worries, I still plan on utilizing this the same as always until the annual is up which is at most about 8 months. So, nothing changes there.

If you would like to still financially support us, you can do so at the link below. Becoming a member makes you VIP in the lives with your own emojis, colored comments that stand out as well as access to any special projects we do such as hosting other podcasts etc. that are not normally done publicly.

If you don't wish to support that's 100% fine too. I appreciate all you've done for us up to this point and for just showing up and being you in the future.

What if YOUTUBE goes down??

As a lot of you may know by now, we were suspended on YouTube for medical misinformation for 1 week with plans to come back on Wednesday the 23rd with the morning show. YouTube historically does not issue a second strike in a 90-day period in 98% of situations per a few articles I read. I make them money too, so they'll be a little more lenient with us. That being said. If YouTube DOES go down, we will transition fully over to our twitch channel which has the same kind of membership program YouTube does. I'll simply do the same thing and cancel everyone's membership and send another email with a link if people would like to continue. You can find our twitch channel at the link below, but monetization will not be turned on there unless we go full time. All of the shows we did this week had to be done strictly on Twitch and when we go back to YouTube, we will dual stream to both in an effort to build a base there as well should something happen.

Again, I know this isn't ideal and we shuffle around a ton, I wish we didn't have too but it's been this way from the start. We never treat anything with permanence and have to stay flexible. Maybe someday the narrative will change in our favor, but I wouldn't hold your breath. This is an on going fight with the censorship and the best thing we can do is have backup plans and stay ahead of it.

Thank you for everything and for all you do,

I love your faces


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