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Kalis Maranao

Kalis Maranao

Jan 25, 2024

According to Alpha Company - Black Ops, “The People of Lake Ranao (Lanao) also known as Maranao are famous in the art of blacksmithing. Their skills are passed down from their ancestors. Maranao is well-known for its intricate and beautiful carvings both in wood and metal. Making their version of Kris a weapon that is deadly and yet magnificent.”

Look at that detailed handguard. This blade is a testament to their rich history and craftsmanship.

Specs from Alpha Company - Black Ops:

24 inches 5160 Leaf Spring Steel (molye). Hand forged using traditional method. Heat treated and oil quenched.  A six-wave Kris with engravings. Thick spine and heavy. A combat ready Kris.

The handguard is defined by the detailed and sophisticated design displaying a Royal Elephant. The details are very fine that each line was carefully carved by hand. It is also ornated with silver Stirrups.

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