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EC-Council Cyber Mentor is not a nominat ...

EC-Council Cyber Mentor is not a nomination and is also just a marketing boost

Oct 22, 2023

Is it a joke? Not really, it's more of a marketing boost for the Certified Cybersecurity Technician scholarship program. And somehow, it made the EC-Council Cyber Mentor just a useless title used for self-promotion and the claimed nomination as dubious. It's not a prestigious title as some people would post it on social media.

I might get a hate from the community about this, but I am speaking the truth and want to give a critique about their campaign.

Okay how are they correlated with the EC-Council Cybersecurity Mentor and why is it a marketing boost for the said scholarship program.

The thing is I received the said invitation because I did have the infamous CEH certification back then when I used to work for my first gig in a security company as it was the only cert offered by the company aside from ECSA. Unlucky for me though, because I am not really that proud of that certification and of course Jericho of Attrition.org would agree with me. More information as to why I am not a fan of it: https://attrition.org/errata/charlatan/ec-council/.

So, my curiosity led me to try my luck and decided to apply despite having an expired CEH cert and because why not, maybe I could access some good resources. After filling up the form, I got an email that informed me that I am now an EC-Council Cyber Mentor. Man, that was fast!! Faster than recovering from a breakup.

It says, "We encourage you to display the badge on your social media sites with the hashtags #eccouncil #cybersecuritymentor to share the news with your professional network and so that others can look up to you and seek your guidance." That means it's actually easy to track people who became cyber security mentors based on the hashtags. That's fine I got no problem with that - it's okay to post if it is worth posting or you have a hard time earning it. It's best if it's earned rather than just given.

But it turns out, anyone could actually get it. It is given rather than earned as long as you answer their invitation. How did I know this. I keep seeing posts from people in Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn. It is nothing to be proud of anymore based on the trend. It is not unique - anyone could get it. The feeling is not the same with getting your SANS cert, any OffSec certs or winning a CTF competition.

Aside from that each email comes with a promotion about the Certified Cybersecurity Technician scholarship program:

"As you may know, on March 1, 2023, EC-Council pledged a $3.5M Global Scholarship to empower aspiring cybersecurity professionals. The Certified Cybersecurity Technician (C|CT) scholarship program is designed to support worthy candidates looking to start their careers or further their education in the field. This initiative has already helped learners from over 150 countries, but we believe we can do even more!"

Notice the lines "As one of the first steps to be a mentor, you can share this link within your community so that deserving candidates can apply for this scholarship program." There is your clue.

Now the scholarship is actually good. At least EC-Council could help people who want to learn cyber security. Well, I just hope it for the better and I hope it does not have plagiarized content.


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