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Car Hacking Village Philippines Webpage and Updates

Jun 02, 2023

We currently are using Github pages to host CHV PH's webpage: https://shipcod3.github.io/

As an added info, we will be at ROOTCON 17 this year we are announcing our village with lots of activities: https://rootcon.org/html/rc17/villages.

This year we want to fly out Alina Tan, Tan Pei Sei or any one member from Division Zero’s (Div0) Car Security Quarter (CSQ). We are planning to have 2 or 3 members of the Division Zero’s (Div0) Car Security Quarter (CSQ)who will be bringing out their hardware for ROOTCON’s Car Hacking Village.

Aside from bringing in the CSQ people, we also need funds in transporting our PoC vehicle which is a Mazda 2 Sedan 2017.

This is the vehicle that was affected by my PoC in hacking Mazda’s IVI:


We will also be doing CAN Injection attacks (https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Ea0hRqTxxo8) and RF Hacking(https://www.youtube.com/shorts/apWLPRXZiHM).

Want to sponsor us? Email us at [email protected]. We will acknowledge our sponsors at https://shipcod3.github.io/ and then have your company logo on our exhibition floor. You can also collaborate with us during the event.

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