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2017 Honda Brio V Rollback / Rolling Pwn ...

2017 Honda Brio V Rollback / Rolling Pwn Attack using #flipperzero

Feb 06, 2023

The Rollback Attack / Rolling-PWN bug is a serious vulnerability found mostly in Honda vehicles. The original researchers who are credited for this known bug in Honda were a team of security researchers Kevin2600 and Wesley Li from Star-V Lab. But of course, this won't be possible without the CVE-2022-27254 by Ayyappan Rajesh. In this video, I am confirming to them that it also exists in 2017 Honda Brio V

By capturing 5 valid unlock key fob signals, it allows remote attackers to perform unlock operations and force a resynchronization. The attacker retains the ability to unlock indefinitely.


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