The Song Of The Alarm | Yoonjin

The Song Of The Alarm | Yoonjin

Aug 05, 2021

There is something unforgiving about the way Min Yoongi walks. He walks onto the floor as if he were claiming the territory with each step he gives, mine, mine, mine, get the fuck out of my way, mine, mine they seem to say in a shapeless voice. That's the reason his path is always cleared and most of the good mornings he receives are from a very specific distance.

Yes, there are certain aspects of his persona that send a Caution sign, but paradoxically, that also makes him more appealing. Walking on his own means he's more likely to be seen, being silent means he's more likely to be observed and being a single boy heir to an empire means he will never not be pursued for a glimpse of his attention. Still, beyond all of these cliched reasons to want Min Yoongi in your life, people will always be people, people will always want what they can see with their eyes.

Or also the Love Alarm AU set a decade after the app's launch, where the whole world is expectant to see whose alarm will Min Yoongi - Chaebol of JoAlarm INC - finally ring.

This design was based on the "true" Love Alarm you can find in the original series, made to illustrate the ones from Yoongi and Hoseok in the fic I'm currently writing. As you can see, Yoongi has a shield... *suspenseful music*


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