How to Find Your Voice in Your Relations ...

How to Find Your Voice in Your Relationship Part II

Mar 17, 2024
It is a healthy habit to access the source of the communication that you receive. Whether, it is the thoughts of your own internal dialogue about yourself and the people you engage with. As well as, properly accessing the communication that someone is giving to you. There are 3 main options of who can influence our mindsets. Our thoughts can come from a place of truth and goodness from our Heavenly Father. They can come from and be driven by our own selfish desires and ambitions, or they can be influenced by the the devil and the negative repercussions from the trauma we've experienced in our life and the vices we wrestle with that formed from those experiences. Who's talking matters more than what we say, because the energy that we communicate with precedes and sets the tone of our communication more than the actual statements that we make.
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