Oct 03, 2021

Could you get any more accurate about how to represent life?

So many small pieces coming together to build something complex and yet such a simple shape as a whole. Something beautiful. Something the light can shine on or right through.

And with a single gust of wind from life it can all come apart. Something to keep in mind about enjoying the now. Enjoying the togetherness of it all. Even if it might not feel like it. About having the moments and feelings and interactions that we do have, all of it coming together to create beauty. To create life.

I’m 100% guilty of never keeping this in mind. I tend to focus on every single seed, rather than see the flower as a whole. Sometimes even barely remember there is a garden at all, so many flowers interacting and taking up space if only to do what this universe meant for it; not to work, not to do anything for anyone else, but just to exist as we saw fit.

Amazing how a simple flower can cause my mind to go into absolute overdrive and think about things I would never otherwise think about. What do you think about when you see images like this? Where does your mind go?

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